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Preface of the 1st edition

At the Forth Annual Meeting of the DeGEval – Gesellschaft für Evaluation (Evaluation society) in October of 2001, the general assembly unanimously passed the „Standards for Evaluation“. At a time of growing public interest in evaluation, the present DeGEval booklet provides a technical basis for discussion which has been formulated, developed and finally approved by the members of the society.

The DeGEval hopes that the Standards will contribute to the methodological and professional knowledge about evaluation and a permanent dialogue about quality and use of evaluations. The booklet contains an English and a German abstract of the Standards, as well as detailed explanations in German language.

As explicated in the text, the Standards claim to be applicable to a diverse set of evaluation approaches, various evaluation purposes, and a variety of evaluation fields. The DeGEval Standards are intended to safeguard and develop the quality of evaluations and to promote the public and professional dialogue about this important topic. The Standards give concrete advice on the planning and implementation of evaluations. Moreover, they can be used to guide evaluation training and the evaluation of evaluations (meta-evaluation). DeGEval intends to make the Standards themselves subject to critical assessment. Institutions and individuals who contract evaluations, participate in their conduct or use their results, are most welcome to take position on the DeGEval Standards. The ultimate success of this process will depend upon the active engagement of politicians, administrators, scientists and professionals, including professional associations, from all the fields where evaluation is performed, as well as practicing evaluators. This booklet and the DeGEval website ( offer a number of venues for such an active participation, e.g., via electronic discussion, written statements, or participation in public events related to the Standards.

For DeGEval board of directors

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Daniel         Dr. Wolfgang Beywl
(President of DeGEval 2004)        (Coordinator of the ‘Standards’)

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